Investment in Biologics

Bayer is currently investing around 500 million euros at its sites in Leverkusen and Wuppertal to expand manufacturing capacities for hemophilia-A products – so-called recombinant factor VIII products. Until now Berkeley, in California, USA was the sole Bayer site manufacturing the blood clotting factor VIII, a protein used in treating hemophilia A. Bayer Technology Services supports Bayer HealthCare in the technology transfer needed for the biological manufacture of the active substance as well as in the planning and construction of the new facilities. In Wuppertal alone this means the construction of three new buildings for the production and storage of the factor VIII products, as well as a quality testing laboratory. The sterilized bottling and packaging is to be carried out in Leverkusen. As a result of these investments, an additional 500 jobs are to be created by 2020.

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