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Our employees are more than just workers at a life-science company that focuses on health and nutrition. In their work, they help to make the Bayer mission a reality every single day, and give a face to our common goal – “Science For A Better Life.”

“Varroa mites threaten bee populations worldwide. A Bee Gate helps to protect the bees from these parasites. The gate is the entry to the hive; every time the bees enter, they are brushed with an active ingredient and carry it inside, where it kills the mites. Through the microscope, I check the distribution of this substance.” Brigitte Mosbach-Wetzka, Laboratory Technician in Physical Characterization, Germany

Science For A Better Life – the mission of the Bayer group goes to the heart of its ambitious goal. For the great challenges of the future – a growing, aging society – the employees of Bayer Technology Services, working together with the different divisions of Bayer, develop solutions and products that fulfill the goal of improving the quality of life of people. Our employees thus see themselves as competent ambassadors for innovation – and for “Science For A Better Life,” as well.

But what does this mean in concrete terms? What contributions do our employees make that benefit both the company and wider society? How does every individual, day after day, contribute to achieving that greater goal? A few examples will serve to illustrate just how different the tasks at Bayer Technology Services can be. But as fragmentary and random as this selection may appear, the common goal unites them all: a better life for people, wherever they are in the world.

Stefan Sievers, Bioengineer, Germany
Stefan Sievers, Bioengineer, Germany: “Researching and developing active pharmaceutical ingredients is one of the most important tasks in our company. But just as important is producing them safely. Right now, I’m developing a concept for a production plant for biological active ingredients. These bind selectively to cancer cells and kill them. For patients, this increases the possibility of a cure.”
Tingting Li, MES Engineer, China
Tingting Li, MES Engineer, China: “One of my tasks is to make Connections among the huge amount of data that comes from production. Like this, I contribute to the highest Level of capacity and product quality.”
Jim Engan, Electrical Engineer, USA
Jim Engan, Electrical Engineer, USA: “My most crucial task is to supply production plants with reliable power. In an earthquake, emergency generators take over. I ensure that production continues – all the time.”
Bing Bao, Project Manager, China
Bing Bao, Project Manager, China: “As a manager, I ensure that Projects run smoothly – which concerns time and budget – and that our customers have access to quality products when they need them.”
Corrina Liu, PCT Engineer, China
Corrina Liu, PCT Engineer, China: “Together with my team, I optimize process control systems, making sure that they fulfill exactly the requirements for safe, reliable and efficient facilities.”
Klaus Würschinger, IT Project Manager, Germany
Klaus Würschinger, IT Project Manager, Germany: “Our innovative IT systems safeguard the packaging, storage and transport of our drugs. They guarantee high protection – especially from counterfeit products.”
Rodrigo Miranda, PCT Engineer, Mexico
“We run a plant where waste water, with special processes, is cleaned so well that it can flow out into a lake in the middle of a recreational area. This is environmental protection at its most advanced.”
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