Expanded Capacity

Bayer is currently registering increasing demand for herbicides that effectively combat weeds that are otherwise resistant to such controls. Because of this increasing demand, the company is investing in expanding its related production capacities at several different sites – and is supported in this by Bayer Technology Services. In July, the foundation stone for a new glufosinate-ammonium plant was laid in Frankfurt; the substance is used in such herbicides as Liberty and Basta, which are used around the globe. The project, headed by Bayer Technology Services, is proceeding at an estimated cost of 100 million euros and should be completed by 2017.

By then, a new plant in Knapsack for the production of an important preliminary stage should also be finished (see "Would You Believe It?"). For this project, Bayer is investing more than 150 million euros – and has also entrusted management of the construction to Bayer Technology Services. The two investments form part of a 2.4 billion euro expansion program covering research, development and production capacities. By the start of 2017, the work in Knapsack will include the laying of 48 kilometers of pipes; more than 4300 electronically controlled components will also be installed.

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