Minister Visits Invite

Rainer Schmeltzer (left), Minister for Labor for North Rhine-Westphalia

In October, Rainer Schmeltzer (left) visited Bayer’s INVITE research center. The visit by the Minister for Labor for North Rhine-Westphalia was personally conducted in part by Dr. Thomas Bieringer (right), the former Managing Director of the Leverkusen center. Schmeltzer was impressed at “how quickly universities, industry and politic develops new technologies that are both highly efficient and economically viable” at the center. The INVITE center was set up in 2011 as a joint venture between Bayer Technology Services and the TU Dortmund University. Its goal: to develop resource-friendly, flexible and modular production concepts for the “factory of the future.” Its mandate also includes Industry 4.0 concepts for the chemical sector.

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